Kaizen: The Japanese Business Growth Secret That Can Accelerate Your Business Growth

Kaizen is a continual improvement process (CIP or CI). Kaizen is making repeated, endless little incremental improvements. It is an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes.

Kaizen is a good business and way of life philosophy. It is very useful in business management because it needs not to be executed by ‘management’, but rather merely that it makes decisions about the implementation of the delivery process and design of the delivery process itself.

W. Edwards Deming, a pioneer of the field, saw it as part of the ‘system’ whereby feedback from the process and customer were evaluated against organizational goals.

How does Kaizen differ from Innovation?

Innovation is making a huge, transformational improvement. Kaizen philosophy is more people oriented, easier to implement, requires long term discipline. Innovation on the other hand is harder; technology oriented, enables radical change but requires major change management skills. Kaizen is simpler, greater, and by far more effective than innovation.

If you know how to change, then you will know how to soar.

There are three key factors in kaizen

Imai explains further in his book Kaizen: The key to Japan’s competitive success noted the three things about kaizen.
The core principle of Continual Improvement Process (CIP) is the (self) reflection of processes. [Feedback] The purpose of Continual Improvement Process (CIP) is the identification, reduction, and elimination of suboptimal processes. [Efficiency] The emphasis of Continual Improvement Process (CIP) is on incremental continual steps rather than giant leaps. [Evolution]



One of the benefits of this business growth secret to business is that it creates teamwork. It brings every member of a team in. The idea comes from the talents of the existing workforce, as opposed to using research, consultants or equipment – any of which could be very expensive. This encourages the workers to have a good teamwork in the bid to improve them.

Personal discipline

It encourages all employees to continually seek ways to improve their own performance. Employees will always want to perform at their peak because they are responsible for their work.

Improve workers’ motivation

Another benefit of this business growth philosophy is that it naturally improve workers’ motivation. It helps encourage workers to take ownership of their work, and help reinforce team working, thereby improving worker motivation.

Saves money

It help business saves money since it involves small improvements which are less likely to require major capital investment than major process changes (innovation)

Easy implementation

When it comes to easy implementation kaizen top the list. As the ideas come from the workers themselves, they are less likely to be radically different, and therefore easier to implement.

Business managers need to take a keen look into this business growth.

Now, let me know your thought about this business growth philosophy. Believe me, I value your opinions more than mine.

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